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What NOT to Expect From Your Interior Designer or the Design Process

* That the designer will maintain interest in the project if you cannot make any decisions * That you will attend each shopping trip or will be shown every possible fabric. * That the designer can read your mind * That there will be no misunderstandings or mistakes along the way * That the designer will bid out every subcontractor. There is a reason that the designer has been working with the same upholsterer and decorative painters for years. On the other hand, if you have a favorite supplier, the designer should be accommodating. * That the designer will supervise other's work without an hourly fee. (The designer should be there, however, to oversee the installation of products at no additional fee.) *That the designer will become your new best friend! (It does happen, though!) What You Should Expect From Your Interior Designer

* That the designer will have a full understanding of your lifestyle and use of your living space. * That the designer knows more than you. * To have the sense that all your interests and opinions matter. * That some of your existing furnishings will be integrated into the new design, if you wish. *That you will be shown a full range of options and products - creative ideas well beyond the Design Center. * That the designer will stick to a budget. *That the designer will make every effort to to complete the project on time and on budget to your satisfaction.

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