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How It Works

colorful art and design studio, Marina del Rey, CA
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Reach out to me by phone or text to 310.701.8866 or email me at to discuss the specifics of your project. This initial contact is an opportunity to discuss how I can help you and how I charge for my various services. I am available during normal business hours and by appointment on the weekends. 

Joani Stewart Interiors, Joani Stewart in office, Marina del Rey, CA
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I am available for a design consultation at your project site or over a Zoom call. This initial phase of the design process helps us get acquainted with each other. The consultation lasts 60-90 minutes and is charged at our hourly rate. This gives me the opportunity to see your project first hand, listen to your needs and concerns, learn about your lifestyle.

Joani Stewart Interiors mood board for design project, Marina del Rey, CA
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Once we have decided to work together, we will review the design ideas that were discussed at our preliminary meeting. I will begin by drawing plans for the items we have agreed upon. We will prepare a working budget and start selecting the specific items we are considering. I will get bids from several contractors if this is a construction project.

Living Room, grid furniture, curved door, maple finish, media cabinet, classic alvar alto bar cart, ottoman with sliding tray, grid, maple finish, coffee table, Los Angeles, CA
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On installation day we deliver and install your stored items. We arrange the new furnishings and professionally install the art and accessories. When you walk through your front door on that day, you see the payoff for all the months of hard work and daily decisions. You will your vision realized.

Client Praise

“Joani Stewart is terrific. She is very quick, as long as I make up my mind, but when I do . . . she is READY to go. I found her on and I am so glad I did. She was honest and open and not afraid to tell me the truth. I had not remodeled my place for over 20 years and it showed. She gave me a new look, told me what to get rid of (dying plants, poster art and rickety old furniture). She showed me the classics, i.e. Eames, Noguchi, Saarenin, etc. She taught me about art, showed me the light . . . I loved our shopping trips to the Pacific Design Center and other showrooms in the area. I got educated about rugs and flooring and lighting.
She was a blast . . . I am so happy I found her and would happily recommend her.”

                                                                                                                                - Ann H.

Contemporary, living room, white furnishings, seating area, contemporary art, Montecito, CA

Client Appreciation

“Joani Stewart has been my savior. I am a single guy, newly divorced, afraid to move forward. She came highly referred by a co-worker who know just what I was looking for. Her aesthetics are so similar to mine and she listens, not just talks. I just moved into a new place without a stick of furniture or the know how to create a new world for me. She has a great sense of humor and is truly an art maven. We went around to galleries and art shows and she really educated me. I love my new residence, I am happy to show it off and would recommend her whole heartily.”

                                                                                                                                    - Mark G.

Stone, brick style fireplace, ceramic Indian  sculpture, black & white photo, arches, architecture, Montecito, CA

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