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Mastering the Art of Display

Art, artifacts, sculptures, books and photos are all pieces of our lives. We travel and we collect. We read and we collect, we photograph and we collect. But how to display all of our treasured collections is always a formidable question. The answer .... create a gallery wall by grouping together similar objects, photos etc.

Create an art gallery in your home. If you have collections of large pieces of art it is easy to display but difficult to know the correct placement in order to show off each important piece. This might be the time to reach out to an art advisor or an art installer for help.

When creating collections of disparate items on flat surfaces, create a sense of harmony and balance using color, sizes and shapes. Symmetry is one way to create balance and unity.

Sometimes it is more fun to not be symmetrical but to move objects around to create asymmetrical designs which aren't identical, but do have some similar properties, such as color, height or design style. This type of placement doesn't use equal balancing. Symmetry might have two pieces on either side of a larger sculpture or artifact, whereas asymmetry uses odd numbers to create interest. A grouping of three items that are different heights, shapes and sizes, but all have the same color palette and design style, can make an interesting asymmetrical grouping.

Your collections are personal to you and your family. Select carefully and display those pieces that are most important to you. Many collections tell a story about your trip or your travels or the experience of finding that particular treasure. Art and artifacts can open discussions, travelogues and dialogues that enhance the pieces that you have collected over time, sometimes . . . over lifetimes . . . yours and those who came before. Art is to enjoy and to share for years to come.

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