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How to Furnish Your Dream Bedroom

From Walls to Windows


Ready to make your bedroom a true escape, one that stands out from what you see in design magazines and remains unique to you? That's our specialty. Combining custom window treatments, custom bedding, and custom upholstery with our expert decor and art curation services is an easy way to make your home one-of-a-kind.

Custom Bedding

Elegant comforters, quilts, bed skirts, and pillows shouldn't mimic your neighbor's style, or even the styles presented in your local home furnishings store. If you want control over the message your space sends and over how it makes you feel at the end of a long day, you'll love the options available with custom fabrication.


Upholstered Seating

Create the perfect reading nook in your master suite by adding upholstered chairs with custom fabric and hardware accents. This is a charming way to add personality to your space while increasing its functionality.

Reading nooks are also a great tool for delineating larger spaces, making them feel like cozier units. Add a custom upholstered ottoman or gliding rocker for next-level comfort.


Area Rugs and Drapery

Don't forget the windows and floors. Custom area rugs help ground your space and tie together the various design elements while adding a layer of texture.

Custom window treatments work similarly, while also increasing the perceived height of your ceilings and enlarging the size of your windows (when the drapery rod is placed as close to the ceiling as possible).

Design Highlights

Outside the Box Design

Tip of the month

Fabric Sample Fascination

Many homeowners are tiring of having the same decor and furnishings as their friends and family and opt to shop with their interior designer through trade-only resources that offer more exclusive, custom options.

While you have thousands of options to select from, it can be easy to get overwhelmed. Our team of pros will narrow down the best fabric options based on your preferences to help make your decision stress-free.

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